In the online poker world, a large portion of players bankrolls come from different online tournaments. There are many different styles of tournaments and this guide will discuss the differences between them.

Sit and Go: Sit and Go tournaments build up the bulk of online tournaments. Sit and Go’s were brought in as an alternative for players who didn’t want to sit through hours of tournament play. Sit and Go’s provide single or multi table tournaments that are frequent and gameplay starts as soon as enough people are registered. Sit and Go’s never have rebuys. The whole image of this type of tournament is to provide quick fast action, and because of this; Sit and Go’s are one of the most popular tournament types in the world today.

VIP Tournaments: These tend to focus more on players who consistently play with a certain company. For example: Pokerstars offer a rating depending on how many Frequent Player Points you earn by playing on their site. Then offer tournaments based on your rank: Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum or Supernova. These tournaments also use the FPP as buy in currency as they can be exchanged for cash as well as used for these tournaments.

Satellites: Satellite tournaments offer a way for players to earn seats to much larger tournaments, often as prizes for coming first (Along with a cash prize). Many large pay-out tournaments will have multiple satellites that link into it. So you can choose which one you would like to enter, or you could enter all of them to improve your chances. These types of tournaments will often offer seats to the top x amount of players.

Free-Rolls: Free Roll tournaments are one of the best ways for people to build their bankroll without any risk to themselves. Free Roll tournaments are free to enter, and normally have a large cash prize pool, split over many players. One of the toughest things about winning a free roll is getting past all of the other players, who will have neutered as well, all with hopes of grabbing the $100 first place prize without any kind of money lost. You will commonly see about 1 or 2 free Rolls a week, so you will need to pre-register and make sure you are at your computer ready to play

Rebuys: Rebuy tournaments allow players a second chance. If a player gets knocked out of a tournament, they can re-enter by paying the entry fee again, at which point they will be seated with the initial amount of chips at a random table. Players will be allowed to rebuy up to a certain point in the tournament, which effectively means as long as you have the money to play, you can keep playing until it’s too late or you run out of cash.

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